Communication is the biggest complaint about property managers across the country. We hear about this from new clients who hire us after working with another property manager that did not communicate enough or meet their expectations.

At Alarca Realty, we value communication and we understand its importance in serving our clients, so we have a process in place to meet your needs. We also provide a communication guarantee.

Here’s why communication is so important and what we do to facilitate it.

Knowing How to Communicate

First, we will work with our owner to determine the best way to communicate with you. Some people prefer email and others prefer phone calls. We are happy to reach out in a way that makes you most comfortable.

Then, we talk about how frequently you like to have communication from us. Some of the owners and investors we work with don’t want to hear from us at all. They just want to know their check is being deposited every month, and they don’t expect us to call them unless something is wrong.

Other owners want to know everything that’s going on at the property. We’ll talk through your preferences and see if they match our communication style. If we cannot meet your needs when it comes to the amount of communication you may expect, we’ll talk about whether we’re really a good fit to be managing your Charlotte rental property.

Empowering Customer Service Representatives

We have created a position that has one responsibility only, and that’s responding to our owners and tenants. These customer service representatives were hired to communicate with our clients. They aren’t property managers or accountants. They are team members who are answering phone calls from owners who need to know something or have a question. This is important because our property managers are often busy with tenants or looking at properties. They might be meeting vendors or pursuing an eviction in court. They can’t always meet your needs right away, so our customer service team is available to get our owners what they need.

Communication and Technology

Technology can help us communicate better. We have a dedicated help desk software in place that is monitored regularly so we know when emails come in. Our answers are quick and accurate. If we need to do a little research or talk to someone else before we get back to you, we’ll let you know.

We have put a lot of processes, systems, and people in place to make sure communication needs are met. This should be an important part of Charlotte property management, no matter who you’re working with. Always talk about communication when you’re considering a new property management partner.

We guarantee that we’ll give you a one business day turnaround time when it comes to responding to a question or a message. If we fail to meet that timeline, we’ll waive the management fee for that month. This demonstrates how confident we are in our ability to communicate.

Rental property

Rental property

If you have questions about our communication guarantee or our Charlotte property management services, please contact us at Alarca Realty.