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Free Rental Analysis

有效租赁和战略营销是我们全方位物业管理计划的一部分. 我们的目标是找到最好的租客,并以租赁市场能承受的最大价格,尽快安置该租客. Proper pricing plays a big role in this strategy.

We’ll take a look at your property and compare it to others on the market. We’ll establish an accurate rental value that’s competitive and profitable. Don’t waste your time trying to price your property without reliable, local data. We have the tools you need to properly price your investment property.

Your Charlotte Property Management Team

自2005年以来,我们一直致力于与客户合作,帮助他们实现目标. 太多夏洛特的物业管理公司在客户和租户之间建立了敌对关系. Our goal, on the other hand is to keep all of our stakeholders – clients, residents, vendors and employees – happy and successful.

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We know, for example, 我们的客户的投资回报受住家时间长短的影响最大. As such, we work hard to keep our residents happy and help them to remain in your home. Here are just some of the ways maintain an average residency of nearly three years:

  • 我们为入住的mg4355电子娱乐网址提供欢迎套餐,包括帮助他们维护和保护您的财产的物品.
  • We deliver periodic care packages to our residents
  • We offer renewal incentives to our residents to encourage them to stay in the home
  • 我们每2-3个月向mg4355电子娱乐网址提供新的暖通空调过滤器(对客户免费)
  • Sometimes a resident may experience a unique, unexpected hardship. 我们提供一个住院医生援助项目,帮助这些住院医生回到正轨,留在家里

Unique Services provide better returns for our clients

我们开始这项业务的目的是为夏洛特地区包括梅克伦堡的租赁业主提供专业的住宅管理服务, Iredell, Gaston, Catawba, Cabarrus, and Lincoln counties. Working with us, you can expect high-quality management solutions that save you money. 我们从2005年开始管理物业,并一直致力于开发多项服务,以更好地服务我们的客户.

Our unique services provide peace of mind for property owners

The following services are just several examples of how we differ from the competition:

NO LONG-TERM MANAGEMENT CONTRACT – We simply have a month-to-month contract. If you’re not satisfied with our services, you may exit at any time with zero penalty.

TURNOVER COST REDUCTION PLAN -这个独特的福利(包括我们所有的服务计划)涵盖了一个月的租金,当房屋需要在mg4355电子娱乐网址之间“周转”时.

ONE YEAR GUARANTEE ON MOST MAINTENANCE – There’s only one stakeholder that likes repairs – vendors. 没有什么比未完成的修复或需要重新修复更糟糕的了. 我们已经与我们的供应商合作,以确保他们了解我们的标准,我们的大多数供应商保证他们的工作为期一年.

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$1,000 ANIMAL DAMAGE PROTECTION PLAN – Over 60% of American households have pets. This plan provides up to $1,000 of protection against pet damages to your property (at no cost to you). We offer an optional $5,000 plan for a low monthly fee.

$100,000 ASSET PROTECTION PLAN – This plan provides up to $100,000 in coverage for accidental, tenant-caused damage to your property. This is included in all of our service plans at no cost to our clients.

LOST RENT PROTECTION PLAN – This Optional Plan provides for up to 8 weeks of lost rent coverage

EVICTION PROTECTION PLAN – This Optional Plan covers all of the normal Owner Fees in an Eviction, plus the tenant’s portion of fees

TENANT WARRANTY– Almost any property manager in Charlotte can fill your house quickly. But what if the tenant defaults on their commitments? At Alarca, 我们对我们的筛选过程非常有信心,如果一个租户在6个月或12个月内违约(取决于您的管理计划), we’ll waive our leasing fee to secure a new tenant.

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Guaranteed Performance

At Alarca Realty, we know the local market and we understand its trends. We know what tenants are looking for and we follow the state, local, and federal laws. 我们的客户在夏洛特的房产投资组合中包括出租房屋, 北卡罗来纳地区知道他们不一定要来这里才能有成功的投资经验. We’re their eyes and their ears and their experts in the field.

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如果你正在寻找一个本地的管理公司,保证你的结果,我们可以帮助. If you’re feeling like your current management company isn’t meeting your high standards, 我们可以向您展示夏洛特物业管理公司在业绩和投资回报方面所能提供的全方位服务.

让我们面对现实吧:每一位与你交谈的经理都会告诉你,他们能带来你想要的结果. What makes us different is that we GUARANTEE it. These are just some of our guarantees:

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are unhappy for any reason during your first three months with Alarca, simply tell us and we’ll refund any of the standard monthly fees that we have collected.

COMMUNICATION GUARANTEE – We do our best to answer all questions immediately, but this is not always possible. If our team doesn’t reply to you within one business day of an inquiry, we will waive that month’s management fee.

FULL FUNDS DISBURSEMENT GUARANTEE – We believe our clients should receive ALL of their proceeds each month. Unlike most firms, we don’t hold a regular maintenance reserve (typically $500-$1,000). So you’ll get all of your funds every month.

RAPID FUNDS DISBURSEMENT GUARANTEE – Many firms hold your funds until the end of the month before they send them to you. We believe our clients should get their funds as quickly as possible. As such, 我们在每个月的11号支付我们的资金(NC房地产委员会要求我们确保资金已经清算银行, or we’d send them even earlier!)

PET DAMAGE GUARANTEE – We provide $1,认可宠物可能造成超过押金数额的任何损害的赔偿. This is at no cost to our client. You can increase this protection to $5,000 for a small monthly fee.

21 DAY LEASING GUARANTEE – Vacant properties are the largest cost to a landlord. We guarantee that we can secure a tenant for your home within 21 days of marketing it. If not, we will waive your first month’s management fee.

PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE – We believe we provide the best value in property management in the Charlotte area. If you find a lower management fee, we will match or beat it!

…As an out of state property owner, Alarca is a dream. Everything is computerized. I know where my rent payments are and what maintenance is being done. Staff is super responsive and treats me like a first class passenger

Brian M.

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Leasing, Maintenance, and Property Management Services

Full-service property management means different things to different people. At Alarca Realty, it means we take care of everything for our owners and investors, 从为租赁市场做好准备,到将其出租给高质量的租户,再到保持其良好的维护和盈利.

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We believe full-service management should include communication, transparency, and low tenant turnover. 我们努力保护您的资产状况和保持您的租金收入一致. 成功的定义是快乐的租户,盈利的业主,以及为每个人提供更好的租赁体验.

Your Charlotte property management services will always include:

  • 出租物业营销和在线广告,保持低空置率,吸引大租户.

  • Rigorous and consistent tenant screening that follows all fair housing laws.

  • 例行和预防性维护,保持和增加您的资产的价值.

  • Emergency responses 24 hours a day and seven days a week

  • Lease renewals and negotiations

  • Property management accounting, bookkeeping, and financial reports.

Principled, Centered Property Management

在Alarca Realty,我们拥有比夏洛特其他物业管理公司更高的标准. 我们从竞争中脱颖而出,因为我们致力于满足您的需求,专注于您的成功. Our efficient processes, dedicated resources, 物业管理行业的领先地位,使业主和投资者在不断变化的房地产市场中具有竞争优势. We’re here to help you grow.

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Alarca’s Core Principles guide everything we do. 这些原则确保你在Alarca工作的每个人都是一贯的,并考虑到你的最佳利益. 我们对这些原则和客户的承诺,使我们在实现行业领先的客户保留水平的同时,不断推动我们实现世界级的客户满意度.

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Property Management Protection Plans for Owners in Charlotte and Surrounding Regions

Charlotte property owners and investors want protection. 我们为您提供业内最全面的物业管理保护计划,以满足您对风险管理的要求. These optional plans help our clients tailor our services to the level they desire.

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Up to eight weeks of lost rent coverage if the tenant vacates before lease termination.

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Up to $100,000 in coverage for accidental, tenant-caused property damage.

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Many of our clients ask about home warranties on their rental properties. We’ve found that these programs don’t work well with rental properties, and we offer an alternative which provides up to $1,200 that’s covered by Alarca.



Current Residents Can Access Resources

At Alarca Realty, it’s important that our residents have an enjoyable rental experience. 我们在这里回答问题,提供建议,并为当地最好的生活提供资源.

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Your online portal provides almost everything you need; it’s a secure and convenient place to pay rent or schedule future payments, and an efficient and seamless place to make routine maintenance requests. You can send us a message or ask us a question. We’re here to help.

Future Residents Can Find a New Home

看看我们出租的房子,看看是什么让Alarca不同于你的其他选择. We lease most of our homes with NO SECURITY DEPOSIT, NO LEASE PREPARATION FEES and NO UTILITY CONNECTION FEES! That’s right. 我们想让你尽可能容易地搬进新家,我们减少了前期的经济负担.

The housing market conditions ‘made’ us owners of a rental property; we could not sell, we needed to move and had no idea where to start. Fortunately, ALARCA took care of EVERYTHING. They explained my options, came up with the best selection, fixed the place so it can be perfect for renting, found a renter and are managing my property. 我通过电子邮件收到最新消息,我可以直接从我的电脑控制开支和收入. Easy!

Pacino M.

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